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The 20/20 Project works with coffee farming communities in Africa and Asia. Scroll down to find out more about what we do…

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The Sustainability Forum…

We will be part of the brand new Sustainability Forum at the World of Coffee in Dublin (June 2016)!

The new Sustainability Forum is to become the hub for discussion at World of Coffee, with key talks on the economic, environmental and social challenges we face with regard to sustainability, as well as debate, innovation, and knowledge sharing throughout the event.

The Sustainability Forum will also feature the latest awards programme of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), the Sustainability Awards, where we will be recognising the hard work, creativity and the difference that SCAE members have already made toward ensuring the coffee industry and our impact on the world are more sustainable than before

A Passion for What We Do…

At the 20/20 Project, we are passionate about three things: quality coffee, poverty reduction and healthy living. The 20/20 Project believes that, by empowering farmers and communities to produce higher quality coffee and increase productivity, it will bring about sustainable change and build greater capacity with communities.

In all projects, our goals are to alleviate poverty and create sustainable livelihoods for coffee producing communities. 20/20 also aims to facilitate wider community development and improving health, especially amongst people who suffer from diseases of poverty.


We are a proud member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

Be Part of the Change:

We would love to chat to you at the World of Coffee Event in June. Please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting over the three days event, or simply get in touch to find out more about what we are doing!

We want you to be part of this change. We want you to sign up to become a partner of the 20/20 Project and effect change right at the source of coffee. Your partnership fee will go directly to our assigned projects in 2016 in Nepal and Ethiopia.

With your 20/20 Project partnership you will receive a certificate of participation. This partnership will allow you to use our logo on your website and in-store. This will show your customers that their coffee comes with a conscience. Enquire here about becoming a partner of the 20/20 Project and see what change you bring to coffee growing communities.

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