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Here at the 20/20 Project, we are passionate about three things: quality coffee, poverty reduction and healthy living. We are looking for partners who are equally passionate. We are willing to share our track record in change, and our 140 years of experience in the developing world. The 20/20 Project believes that, by empowering farmers and communities to produce higher quality coffee and increase productivity, it will bring about sustainable change and build greater capacity with communities.

In all the projects we are involved in, our main goal is to alleviate poverty and create sustainable livelihoods for coffee producing communities. 20/20 also aims to facilitate wider community development that includes improving health and tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).


Be Part of the Change:

We want Coffee Roasters to be part of that change. We want you to sign up to become a partner of the 20/20 Project and effect change right at the source of coffee. Your partnership fee will go directly to our assigned projects in 2016 in both Nepal and Ethiopia.

With your 20/20 Project partnership you will receive a certificate of participation. This partnership will allow you to use our logo on your website and product packaging to show your customers that their coffee comes with a conscience. Enquire here about becoming a partner of the 20/20 Project and see what change you bring to coffee growing communities.

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    Coffee Roasting Machine Image Credit: Johan Fantenberg, CC-BY-2.0